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215 days to Induction Day July 1, 2016

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The U.S. Naval Academy requires a serious commitment. We would like to best prepare you, and help you overcome the challenges you will face as a midshipman. From submitting your application to walking across the stage graduation day, we would like to help your dream become a reality. Understanding the expectations of the Naval Academy, will set you up for success.

Stop wasting time and go to the US Naval Academy physically prepared! Check out our fitness programs to ensure you are in the best shape possible. Hard work pays off, get after it.

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USNA Prep's mission is to help potential United States Naval Academy candidates: prepare for & understand the USNA commitment; handle the application process & gain acceptance into the academy; and, make a transition to life at the U.S. Naval Academy & next a post-academy career.

USNA Prep's representatives have been through the decision making process before. We'll be able to openly answer your questions & address your concerns for joining the miliitary, with zero cost.

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Our Century: U.S. Naval Academy: 150 Years in Annapolis (DVD)

Editorial Review: “They are the warriors of a thousand naval battles, fought on hostile seas and savage shores. And these heroes were forged in the halls and fields of one famed American institution: an elite academy known as Annapolis. In honor of the Naval Academy's 150th anniversary, this comprehensive program presents its thrilling story from the difficult days when graduates fought on opposite sides of the Civil War to the World Wars and regional conflicts of the 20th century. Starting with the legendary John Paul Jones, U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY: 150 YEARS IN ANNAPOLIS features profiles of the Academy's most renowned heroes and rare footage of their greatest battles. U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY: 150 YEARS IN ANNAPOLIS is the complete chronicle of the glorious Long Blue Line the history of the finest fighting navy in the world.”

Customer Review: “A vivid and enthralling picture of the Naval Academy from its inception through the rocky years of the Civil War, the two world wars, Korea and Vietnam, to the end of the twentieth century. Worth every penny as a look back on how our nation has survived and prospered due to the valiant naval leaders who have protected the United States in war and peace.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the United States Naval Academy located?
Visit the U.S. Naval Academy at 121 Blake Road in Annapolis, Maryland, 21402.

What is the 1st step for applying to the U.S. Naval Academy?
Fill out a Precandidate Questionnaire. Once the Precandidate Questionnaire is evaluated by the Naval Academy, you will be notified if you have been designated as an official candidate.

What is Induction Day (I-Day)?
Induction Day, or I-Day, is the 1st day of Plebe Summer when the newest class arrives in Annapolis to begin their transition from civilians to life at the U.S. Naval Academy.

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