Admissions & Application Advice

Gaining admission to the Academy can be a strenuous process, as it requires you to undergo an extensive application process as well as receive an appointment.

Basic Requirements
In order to be eligible, you must be:
--at least 17 years of age and must not have passed your 23rd birthday on July 1st of the year of admission;
--unmarried, not pregnant and have no incurred obligations of parenthood;
--a United States citizen (except for the limited quotas of international midshipmen specifically authorized by Congress); and
--of good moral character.

Additional requirements:
You must:
--be found scholastically qualified by the Admissions Board;
--be medically qualified;
--pass the Naval Academy's Physical Aptitude Examination (same for all the service academies); and
--receive an official nomination from one of many sources available

Once you have determined if you are qualified or not, you should contact your local Blue & Gold Officer.

Application FAQ

How do I apply to the Naval Academy?
      The first step is to fill out a Precandidate Questionnaire. Once it is evaluated by the Naval Academy, you will be notified if you have been designated as an official candidate.

Do I have to turn in all of my application forms within 30 days?
      No. There is nothing that tracks how long it has been since your packet was sent out from the Academy. The sooner you complete your application package, however, the sooner it will go before the Admissions board. Since USNA has a rolling Admissions cycle there are more openings in September than there are in January.

Will I receive a letter once my application packet is complete?
      Yes. Once the Academy has all of your forms scanned in to the computer, you will receive a postcard stating that all forms have been received. Expect to receive this postcard approximately one month after you send in the last form.

Should I make copies of everything I send in to USNA?
      Yes. The Naval Academy deals with close to a million pieces of mail each year, and unfortunately, not every piece arrives safely. It is further recommended that you send your application package materials by certified mail so you have proof of its arrival.

Is there still a chance to get into the naval academy even if you have no contacts with a Blue and Gold Officer?
      If you are still early in the process, there should be enough time for you to contact your Blue and Gold Officer.

When will I be notified if I was accepted or turned down to attend the Academy?
      Usually you will hear from the Naval Academy no later than 15 April. Offers of appointment are made after 15 April.

I received a letter saying I am an official candidate. In the letter it says that college records will be reviewed beginning in January while high school in September. If I am in college am I at a disadvantage because they will review my information later, even if I get it in earlier than September.
      Are you in touch with your Blue and Gold Officer? If you are an official candidate, then they should understand your situation and you will not be at a disadvantage. Your Blue and Gold Officer should have the best awareness of how your individual package is put together.

How can I find colleges that offer NROTC programs?
      If you would like to find the colleges that offer NRTOC programs, visit the following link:

Do weighted courses from high school and Honors classes count for your GPA going into USNA?
      Yes, they take your overall GPA off your transcript.

Does earning eagle scout help? Also, would I still have a chance if my GPA is just shy of 3.5?
      Yes and yes. Keep in mind that activities with leadership qualities look great. Although academics are extremely important, you should not let that discourage you by any means and depending on your courses and the strength of your school, your GPA may be stronger than someone elses 4.0.

As a junior, should I take the SAT/ACT in the fall or spring?
      Take them as soon as possible. This allows you to see where you stand and give you the opportunity to retake them if you have to.

Should I get my application in as soon as possible or take more time to improve it?
      You should submit your application when you feel you are ready to submit it. The timing of your application does not determine your selection.

What kind of questions should i expect in my congressional and senatorial interviews? Any tips?
      Questions regarding why you want to go to the Academy, about leadership, and general questions about why they should select you. They want to know what kind of person you are and why you want to make the commitment to something larger than yourself.

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You can also visit U.S. Naval Academy’s FAQ page.

Nominations FAQ

I completed my Preliminary Application, but I was not designated as an official candidate. May I still talk to a BGO?
      Absolutely! One of the BGO's jobs is to counsel and assist interested students who may not yet meet the normal scholastic qualifying levels necessary to be declared an official candidate for admission to the Naval Academy. BGO contact information can be found by visiting the BGO page of this site.

How do I go about getting a nomination?
      Candidates are required by law to obtain a nomination in order to be offered an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. Every candidate is eligible for a nomination from the Vice President. Additionally, candidates may be eligible for nominations from the two Senators and one House Representative from their congressional district (where you claim residency). Additionally, those candidates who have a parent on active duty or that retired from active U.S. military service is also eligible for a Presidential nomination. Please apply to ALL nomination sources for which you are eligible, as this will enhance your application efforts. For more information, please see:

If I receive one nomination, should I tell the other sources to withdraw my name from consideration?
      NO. You want as many nominations as you can get. Most nominations are competitive. A senator or congressman provides a list of 10 names and USNA selects the best one. If you are on several lists, the chances of you being the most competitive on at least one list significantly improves.

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You can also visit U.S. Naval Academy’s FAQ page.